To Be a Father

To Be a Father

Hundreds of meetings with the youth in military bases, orphanages and Sunday schools were organized. The book titled «Father-Patronymic name-Fatherland» was published which comprised stories and poems written by participants of the creativity competition: these were different people — children and adults — from different towns of Russia and Ukraine.

In 2015 the cross-media project «To Be a Father!» was launched. Famous actors, musicians, travelers, sportsmen, writers and public figures shared their stories about the upbringing they had got, their experience regarding the best way for building relationships in the family; they tell how much joy they have being a father.

The following people take part in the project: traveler and archpriest Fyodor Konyukhov; sportsman Nikolay Valuyev; composer, poet and musician Sergey Trofimov; church and public leader, journalist and teacher Vladimir Legoyda; actors Andrey Merzlikin, Daniil Spivakovsky and Ilya Lyubimov; writer Zakhar Prilepin and other leaders of modern times.

Extracts from the interviews are published in the internet portal «Batya» every 2–3 weeks. At the same time the extracts from the interviews are published in 30 regional and municipal papers (with the circulation of 180,000 copies). In autumn 2016 the book will be published to contain the interviews and the comments by a psychologist specializing in practical issues regarding the role of a father in a family. The book will be published in amount of 4000 copies.
Certain short videos with every character (quick answers to 10 questions) are prepared specifically for the internet publications and will be presented to visitors of the internet portal «Batya».

Based on the video interviews of the participants of the project the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called prepared 10 videos with social advertising (the timeline of every video is up to 1 minute). The advertising videos of social cause are planned to be broadcast at regional television channels.

In the near future, as part of the presentation of the book «To Be a Father!» and the video interviews, the educational meetings will be organized with young people who will become the participants of open and sincere talk about the role of a father in life of a family.