Public and Pedagogical Forum “Education in Russia: traditions and challenges of the new time”

Public and Pedagogical Forum “Education in Russia: traditions and challenges of the new time”

The Public and Pedagogical Forum «Education in Russia: traditions and challenges of the new time» has been organized by the Interregional public fund «Centre of National Glory» together with the Saint-Petersburg State University and the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Hertsen with support from the Russian Academy of Education.

The Forum invites representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, Ministry of Culture of the RF, Federal Youth Agency, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Education, Committees of Education and Youth Affairs of the subjects of the RF, pedagogical, scientific and learning facilities, as well as representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, public unions and mass media.

During the Forum it is planned to discuss principles and mechanisms of implementation of the state educational and cultural policy, to search for effective strategies in the field of career guidance in the new economic and socio-cultural conditions, as well as to have a discussion of the role of the Russian press in the system of education.

In 2015 the VIII session of the Forum was held in Saint-Petersburg. Over five hundred people took part in the Forum including representatives of the authorities, public organizations, teachers, scientists, cultural workers, representatives of the journalism community from over 20 subjects of the Russian Federation.

During the section meetings and round tables of the VIII session of the Public and Pedagogical Forum the discussion of recommendation projects was held. Texts of the recommendations were included in the project of the final recommendations of the Forum which later will be transferred to legislative and executive bodies, as well as to concerned scientific and public unions and organizations.