The educational project on “The Civil War: Mirrors of the Epoch”

About the program

The educational project on “The Civil War: Mirrors of the Epoch”

The Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called is launching the educational project on “The Civil War: Mirrors of the Epoch” to mark the 100th anniversary of tragic events of the Civil War.

For 5 weeks we are going to tell you about the way our compatriots responded to events that took place 100 hundred years ago:  the attitude of writers, poets, philosophers, scientists and cultural figures. Their voices, thoughts and observations are often put aside while active ideas of politicians and actions of military people take the lead. We believe it is important to try to listen to voices of the people who provided spiritual and moral guidance, who endured the terrible events of the second “Russian Mass Disruption”.  Eventually it was creative people who set value orientation for the epoch and who had significant influence on the way descendants, i.e. us, perceived this epoch later.

Every day from Monday to Thursday, during 5 weeks, we are going to post thoughts of key figures  about the Civil War: the attitude of writers (the first week), poets (the second week), philosophers (the third week), workers of culture (the fourth week) and scientists (the fifth week). Each post will present two points of view (while poets will have 3 quotes). Each Friday voters will give their vote in favour of the quote which, in their opinion, describes the epoch more precisely. Two winners from each group will join the final voting (it will take place during the sixth week of the project). The final voting will define the “Mirror of the Epoch”.

Besides, every post will provide interesting facts about our key figures. And at the weekend one can enjoy interesting videos with archive episodes. We hope our key figures will stop being only names for you, the ones from textbooks and monuments, and will turn into real people, as their thoughts, observations and estimations can help us have better understanding of both the period of time and ourselves.

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