Mass media

Mass media

Since the first years of its work the Programme has been paying special attention to cooperation with specialists from the mass media sphere because the media scene and its contents have a great impact on humans’ choice of values.

The Memorandum on forming family values by mass media has been signed in 25 regions of Russia. In some regions, after the Memorandum had been signed, Public Expert Councils on cooperation with mass media were established.

The Contest for Journalists "Family and the Future of Russia"

Special attention is paid to regular support to family journalism. In 2014 and 2015 the Journalist Contest "Family and the Future of Russia" was organized with support from the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency and collected over eleven thousand materials. The total prize fund of the contest is 1 million rubles.

The Faculty of Journalism at the Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov carried out a research based on materials of printed press which had been submitted for the Contest in 2014. Based on the research the article thesis and a methodological textbook for journalists covering the family topic were published.

Round table talks and seminars

Since 2013 at the initiative of the Centre of National Glory and the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called round tables devoted to family values in media have been held in the regions of Russia. Heads of relevant ministries and departments, mass media managers and representatives of public organizations and traditional religions become the participants of the meetings.

In 2013 eight round table talks in seven federal districts were held. In 2014 four round tables were organized.

At the first half of 2015 the Centre of National Glory held 12 round tables on " Family-oriented information policy". We communicated with colleagues in Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Kurgan, Omsk, Tyumen, Penza, Belgrade, Irkutsk, Veliky Novgorod, Ivanovo, Kirov and Kazan.

As part of the programme "Sanctity of Motherhood" the educational seminars are held for journalists from regional and municipal press (in 2013–2015 fifteen seminars were organized) and webinars are organized (in 2015 four webinars were provided).

The Association of Journalists who cover the family topic

Active cooperation with journalists made it possible to create the Association of Journalists who cover the family topic. The Association of Journalists has been established to become the civil society institution that facilitates the development of  family-oriented information policy. The key directions of its activity are the educational and expert webinars, round tables and workshops in the regions of Russia, creation of the expert council and the pool of social projects.