International youth archeological camp “Staraya Ladoga in the historical memory of generations”

International youth archeological camp “Staraya Ladoga in the historical memory of generations”

The international youth labour archeological camp "Staraya Ladoga in the historical memory of generations" is implemented by the Centre of National Glory as part of its programme "The historical memory of generations" together with the Government of the Leningrad region and the Staraya Ladoga archeological expedition of the Institute of History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The goal of the project is to help preserve the history of establishing and development of the Russian statehood in the conscience of the young generation in Russia, to involve young people into the process of  re-creation and learning the historical reality by means of working at the archeological site (archeological diggings in Staraya Ladoga, the Leningrad region).

The youth camp involves representatives of youth public organizations, representatives of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, the European Union and other states (students and post-graduates of universities, young scientists and teachers, historians, art and culture experts, archeologists).

The participants of the project are offered the following activities:

  • work to search, clean and process archeological objects;
  • to get to know history and archeology of Staraya Ladoga;
  • game-style trainings, workshops, discussions for young people, lectures;
  • to get to know local historical monuments, excursions around the location;
  • sports, cultural and educational events.

On 13 August 2015 during the work of the youth archeological camp a significant event took place on the territory of the old Russian fortress Staraya Ladoga: when the remains of the Taynicheskaya Tower were cleaned a treasure was found — a small bag with silver coins referred to the times of Ivan the Terrible.