VI Forum of the “Sanctity of Motherhood”

VI Forum of the “Sanctity of Motherhood”

Minsk, the 14-15 of November 2018

The theme of the forum: «Family in the Modern World: Values, Recent Trends and Perspectives Minsk, Republic of Belarus»

The forum program

The Forum is to be held in the Republic of Belarus, since building of a public-state partnership to support the family is high on the agenda of the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

Creation of favorable conditions for parenting, improvement of living standards and quality of life for families with children has been declared as one of the priorities for further development of the Union State for 2018-2020 (approved by the Decision of the Supreme State Council of the Union State of June 19, 2018 No. 3). These goals achievement requires implementation of agreed policy to strengthen institution of the family and ethical and spiritual family values as a pillar of demographic well-being of Russia and Belarus.

Based on a long-standing partnership in social and cultural sphere between Russia, Belarus and Serbia, the Forum emphasizes the importance of such cooperation for maintaining traditional family values.


Key groups of the Forum participants:

— representatives of pro-family NGOs;

— leaders and representatives of government agencies, regulating family issues (healthcare, education, information policy, etc.);

— researchers and experts engaged in family studies;

— journalists writing on family issues.


The Forum is a platform for dialogue, which is to ensure expertise sharing and development of action-oriented solutions, aimed at strengthening of family sustainability in today’s context.

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