III Forum “Sanctity of Motherhood”

III Forum “Sanctity of Motherhood”

Moscow, 19-20 November 2013

The theme of the forum: «Family values in the modern information space»

According to the organizers and participants of the Forum the "whole portfolio" of proposals was collected as of the results of the events and they should be included into the Memorandum. They expressed hope that before December 1st they will have enough time to extend the resolution. So far we can speak only about the interim results. The initial variant of the Memorandum has been placed on the site of the Forum and anybody can read it.

The participants of the Forum came to mutual conclusion that today the topic of family values doesn’t have any significant place in the information policy in Russia. There is demand for qualitative television and radio programmes, printed materials in press that would inspire people to create their own family, to give birth to children and to bring them up, and that would support and help those who already have a family life.

"To solve these issues we not only need the consolidation and mobilization of the society but also we need to join efforts of professional people from media sphere and representatives of the authorities, public activists, clergymen from traditional religions in Russia" — said Vladimir Mishchenko.

We would like to remind you that the Third All-Russian Forum of the Programme "Sanctity of Motherhood" of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Centre of National Glory took place in Moscow on 19–20 November and gathered over 400 participants from 60 regions of Russia and six foreign countries (Greece, Italy, China, the US, Ukraine, Belorussia).

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