Sanctity of Motherhood

Sanctity of Motherhood

About the program

Sanctity of Motherhood

The purpose of the program

To form in the public awareness the attitude to family and motherhood, fatherhood and childhood as to the greatest values.

The program's objective

To facilitate the programmes aimed at social and psychological support for pregnant women, new mothers, large families who appeared to be in difficult life circumstances; facilitation for development of social responsibility among members of journalistic and advertising communities; propaganda of responsible fatherhood, motherhood and childhood; forming the positive image of a Russian family including a large one; support for youth initiatives aimed at development of the volunteer movement to help certain categories of people in need; facilitation of consolidation of  family-oriented initiatives from different regions of the country, promotion and facilitation of teaching the programmes on family studies in the system of education of the RF.

In 2006 programme "Sanctity of Motherhood" was launched as the idea of several enthusiastic people, and today it unites thousands of people all around Russia.
During the years of its development the programme gained experience in effective and fruitful cooperation with state authorities both at the federal and the regional levels.

Under the auspices of the Programme large forums are held which traditionally unite managers and representatives of state authorities, public organizations, representatives of Russia’s traditional religions and participants of the international movement to support family in other countries.

At present, the principles, provisions and practical recommendations formulated as of the results of the Forums and during expert and analytical work as part of "Sanctity of Motherhood" programme are included in the Concept of State Family Policy in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025.

The circle of friends and partners is not limited by our country. In recent years there has been the active cooperation with the International Congress of Families — the largest union of people who protect natural and traditional family and represent 80 countries of the world.

To contribute

Sanctity of Motherhood

Natalia Viktorovna Yakunina

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Programme "Sanctity of Motherhood"

"Family is the centre of all the most important things that we have in this life. It is also the precondition for realization of our best hopes, plans and perspectives"

Sanctity of Motherhood
Sanctity of Motherhood


You are not alone

«You are not alone» project is aimed at social and psychological support for women who, due to certain circumstances in their life, faced the reproductive choice. The project is a significant part in the Programme’s activity.

Today thanks to «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme over 40,000 lives have been preserved.

The Programme’s activity doesn’t only facilitate the introduction of psychologist’s positions in obstetrics institutions but also it is focused on methodological support and consistent professional development of psychologists: the Programme conducts regular advanced courses and educational seminars in the regions of Russia which over 1400 specialists have attended.

In 2016 with support from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation the All-Russian Contest «Sanctity of Motherhood» is held. The main task of the Contest is to support specialists of obstetrics institutions who help women make the right decision and keep the baby.

In addition to protection of lives of unborn children there is active support for Centres of motherhood protection where mothers who have appeared to be in difficult life circumstances can get the help they need. At the Programme’s support 2 similar centres have been created in Russia: in Nizhny Novgorod and Samara.
In 2014 thanks to support from the Endowment Fund «ISTOKI» the charity auction was organized that made it possible to raise 15 million rubles which later were given to the motherhood protection centres in Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Penza, Smolensk, Alatyr and Samara.

Also in 2015 the Programme together with the Endowment Fund «ISTOKI» took part in creating the Association of Organizations on Family Protection. Its main goal is to create certain conditions for successful implementation of projects of  non-commercial organizations as part of the single programme on family protection and family values.

The School of Social Activity

"The School of Social Activity" project is proceeding and developing "Volunteer" and "The School of Volunteering" projects which are conducted as part of "Sanctity of Motherhood" programme.

Russia has the situation when one third of young people believe that the institution of marriage is obsolete and those who plan to have a family are not going to have it without material benefits. Besides the "child-free" movement is widely spread among young people. The main idea of the movement is to consciously refuse having children and a family for the sake of a person’s own comfort.

However it is the young people of the present days who will influence the issue of demography in Russia: whether the problem will grow or not. "Volunteer" project of "Sanctity of Motherhood" programme unites young people by family values, and with common efforts we form the understanding and respect among the youth for eternal values of motherhood, fatherhood and large families.

Mass media

The Programme "Sanctity of Motherhood" carries out the active work aimed at realization of the order of President of Russia Vladimir Putin regarding the formation of state family-oriented information policy in Russia (Session of Presidium of the State Council "About state policy in the field of family, motherhood and...

Since the first years of its work the Programme has been paying special attention to cooperation with specialists from the mass media sphere because the media scene and its contents have a great impact on humans’ choice of values.

In 2007 the Russia’s first Memorandum was signed when the text revealed the problem of social responsibility for spiritual and moral state of society and the intention of those who were ready to sign the Memorandum to contribute to the growth of public awareness and the growing prestige of family. Over 2000 journalists from many Russian regions joined the Memorandum on forming family values by mass media initiated by the Programme. The document reflects personal responsibility of the journalists who signed it for facilitation of traditional family values in their editions.

Family studies in education

The fact that the direction of «Family studies in education» appeared corresponds to the historical logic of the development of the programme «Sanctity of Motherhood» in whole. The main goal of this direction is to include the teaching of programmes related to family studies into the basic obligatory programmes at different...

It is a natural step from the field where the programme «Sanctity of Motherhood» is working with consequences of social and moral flaws to the only field where there are truly the best opportunities to prevent these consequences: the field of educational preparation of the young generation. According to the ideology of the direction the school of today and the system of education in whole should help family in the matter of reproduction of «a family human being» who is greatly needed for the beginning of moral and physical recovery of the people and the society in the Russian Federation as long as the modern and so-called «secured family» is constantly under the pressure from external negative impacts and thus decreases its reproduction competency.

Project coordinator

Mikhail A. Smirnov

Mikhail A. Smirnov

To Be a Father

As part of the Programme educational initiatives aimed at strengthening the moral grounds of fathers’ mission are being developed. In 2014 the all-Russian motorcycle race "Fathers of Russia for the Sake of Large Family" was held.

Hundreds of meetings with the youth in military bases, orphanages and Sunday schools were organized. The book titled "Father-Patronymic name-Fatherland" was published which comprised stories and poems written by participants of the creativity competition: these were different people — children and adults — from different towns of Russia and Ukraine.

In 2015 the cross-media project "To Be a Father!" was launched. Famous actors, musicians, travelers, sportsmen, writers and public figures shared their stories about the upbringing they had got, their experience regarding the best way for building relationships in the family; they tell how much joy they have being a father.



All forums
IV Forum "Sanctity of Motherhood" Kazan, 26-27 November, 2015
III Forum “Sanctity of Motherhood” Moscow, 19-20 November 2013

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