International Forum “Large Family and the Future of Humanity”

International Forum “Large Family and the Future of Humanity”

Moscow, 10–11 September 2014

On 10–11 September the International Forum "Large Family and the Future of Humanity" was held in Moscow. It was devoted to discussion of initiatives aimed at protection of traditional family values and the overall family support at different stages of the family’s life span. The two-day programme of the Forum included different thematic round tables and was attended by over 1,500 people from 45 countries of the world and 69 regions of Russia.

The Centre of National Glory and the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called were the organizers of the Forum, under the auspices of the Charity Fund of Saint Vasily the Great, Patriarchal Committee on the issues of family, motherhood and childhood protection, and with participation of Russian and foreign public organizations.

The first day of the Forum started with the festival of large families at the State Kremlin Palace.

Its participants — 28 families from 21 regions of Russia — presented many talents to the audience, received deserved awards from the organizers and became the bright evidence to prove that traditional family values like mercy, faithfulness, kindness, attention and love are not at all forgotten notions at our times.

"We managed to create a unique atmosphere everybody could feel", Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Programme "Sanctity of Motherhood" Natalia Yakunina commented the results of the festival. "Earlier it was impossible to imagine the situation when a traditional family needed protection. We hope to finally create the international movement to support a traditional family where the state, the society and the church will take part".

The first day of the Forum was finalized with the awards ceremony for the winners of the journalistic contest "Large Family and the Future of Russia" where 402 journalists from 71 regions of Russia took part. Over 5000 works were submitted for the contest. In the evening the concert titled "Everything Starts from the Family" was organized at the Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin for the Forum’s participants and guests of honour.

On 11 September the Forum was continued at the Council Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. That day the programme included plenary sessions, a scientific conference and round tables devoted to the issues of family in legal, social, educational, spiritual and other spheres.

As of the results of the Forum the participants made the appeal where for instance they wrote: "We appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations, General Secretary of the UN and Supreme Secretary of the UN on human rights, during the creation of the programmes of the Organization to abide by the letter and spirit of Article 16 of „The Universal Declaration of Human Rights“ which comprises the only possible and acceptable for the human civilization representation of a human family and to announce in the near future a special year or a programme to support the natural family".

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