Patronage cooperation with ships of the Russian Navy

Patronage cooperation with ships of the Russian Navy

The Interregional public fund "Centre of National Glory" has patronage cooperation with three ships of the Russian Navy:

  • Patrol ship of the Black Sea Navy Fleet of the RF "Smetlivy";
  • Major landing ship of the Navy Pacific Fleet "Admiral Nevelskoy";
  • Communication ship SSB-520 of the Baltic Fleet "Admiral Fyodor Golovin".

Representatives of the Centre of National Glory have a tradition to congratulate the crew complements with successful fulfillment of the military tasks and to award the crew with gifts: sea-related videos, musical instruments, sound equipment for leisure time.

In June 2015 Representatives of the Centre of National Glory took part in festivities dedicated to 70th anniversary of 100th Division of landing ships of the Navy Pacific Fleet. According to fleet traditions the commander of the Division "Admiral Nevelskoy" received the commemorative plaque with the ship’s patrons — the Centre of National Glory and the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called . Later the plaque was ceremonially installed in one of the rooms on board "Admiral Nevelskoy".

The Centre of National Glory also initiated the renaming of the communication ship SSB-520 , twice decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Baltic Navy of the RF, and changing the name for "Admiral Fyodor Golovin". The ceremony of assigning the name to the military ship was organized in 2006 as part of implementation of the Charity programme of the Centre of National Glory aimed at memorializing the name of the outstanding Russian state figure, the first holder of the Order of Andrew the First-Called , Admiral Fyodor Alexeyevich Golovin (1650–1706). The event was timed to coincide with 310th anniversary of the Great Embassy of Peter I to Western Europe.

That day, December 7th, is believed to be the Birthday of "Admiral Fyodor Golovin" ship.