Educational project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”

About the program

Educational project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”

Educational project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”

About the programme

The Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called launches educational project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”.

The mission of the project is peace-making and educational. The task of the project is to facilitate the achievement of the large-scale public consensus with reference to the goal not to repeat  the events which led to the deepest civilizational crisis.

Exactly 100 years ago Russia was experiencing one of the most dramatic periods in its history. External and internal challenges required a quick response to fundamental questions.

Will the country be the monarchy or the republic? Will it conclude peace with Germany or will it continue to fight until it wins? Will peasants get plots of land? Will Russia turn to socialism, or will it develop capitalist economy?

Major problems escalated long time ago, however the government didn’t solve them.  Leaders of political parties were not willing to reach the compromise. According to Ivan Shcheglovitov,  the last Chairman of the State Council of Russian Empire, “paralytics from the authorities … were quite weak in their fight with epileptics of the Revolution”. The opponents didn’t want to hear each other: interests of the parties and groups appeared to be more important than the interests of Russia. At that time they failed to create the nation-wide agenda for development. It resulted in the bloody outcome: revolutions and the Civil War.

The project of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called “Russia 1917. The images of the future” about the positions of the leading political forces with reference to the major issues in Russia 100 years ago.

Vote at the elections for the Constituent Assembly!

Which way for Russia can you choose?

Perhaps, it is “the salvation in market economy and private ownership!”  proposed by Octobrist Alexander Guchkov?

If you like “autocratic, unlimited power of the Emperor!”, vote for the Royalists with Vladimir Purishkevich in charge.

Will you support Anarchist Nestor Makhno who has been released from the Butyrka prison thanks to the Revolution forces?

If you believe that only “Republic of Soviets of workers, farm labourers and peasant deputies across the entire country, from the top to the bottom” is the only possible way for Russia, choose Vladimir Lenin.

The country was facing a difficult choice, particularly if we try to go deep into the atmosphere of that time and try to answer the pressing questions which were disturbing for the public mind.

What could rescue Russia from the horrors of the revolutions and the Civil War?

The Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called in project “Russia 1917. The images of the future” suggests to everyone to answer these disturbing questions. What choice could we make, especially if we knew what Russia would be experiencing after 1917?

Our educational project gives the opportunity to think about the tragic events of 1917, to get a better idea of contradictions and disagreements which brought the whole country to the catastrophic outcomes.

We know that history knows no “if”. At the same time, we offer you to think of complicated questions. We suggest you to go deep in the historical process and imagine yourself as a participant of those events of the past. We offer you to mark the 100th anniversary of the revolutionary events not by some official commemorative actions but by the real-time thinking of this critical moment in the history of Russia and the whole world.

During 10 weeks on the pages of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called in Facebook and VKontakte (, anyone can take part in the virtual elections for the Constituent Assembly. Every day we are going to present the positions of the main political forces regarding the key issues of the state’s development. It will help to form your attitude to the existing political platforms of 1917 comprehensively and in a flexible manner.

 “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Publishing House is the partner of project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”. On web site  you can get to know the positions of different political forces regarding the key issues and take part in the voting


The positions of political forces will be considered with reference to the following questions:

The question about the land

Social equality

War and peace

The national issue

The political order

The economic model

Russia in the world

The worldview fundamentals

The project will be finalized with the offline expert session. It will be held on May 16 in Moscow. During the event the results of the virtual voting will be presented and analyzed. Leading historians, political experts and public figures will discuss the tragic events of 1917 with reference to the centuries-long history of our country and the prospects of its development in XXI century. We will invite the most active participants of project “Russia 1917. The images of the future” to take part in the expert session.


Partners of the project are the following: the Department of State Policy of the Faculty of Political Science at Lomonosov MSU, the Moscow State Regional University, the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MGIMO), the Russian Military-Historical Society, the Russian Society “Znaniye”.

The project is implemented with support from Endowment Fund “ISTOKI”.

Join project “Russia 1917. The images of the future”! Your opinion is important for us!