Condolences on the death of Larry Jacobs

Condolences on the death of Larry Jacobs

It was hard to learn about the death of Larry Jacobs. Mr.Jacobs was a man of the outstanding ability to unite people for the sake of dialogue and cooperation. He was a kind and open person who was able to find common grounds with people of different religions, cultures and nationalities. He contributed his soul, energy and time to the work and development of the World Congress of Families. Larry Jacobs did his best for the humanity to realize the true importance of family as a defining value. We believe the good deeds Mr.Jacobs managed to perform as an active public figure will help strengthen solidarity and trust among people all over the world.

This wonderful man will always stay in our hearts.

Natalia Yakunina, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Programme “Sanctity of Motherhood” 


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