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The monument was unveiled on the day of the Ushakov Festival

The monument was unveiled on the day of the Ushakov Festival

On August 6 the IV all-Russian Culture and Art Festival to commemorate Fyodor Ushakov, the saint righteous warrior, was held in the settlement of Khopylevo, the place where the admiral-to-be was christened. The ceremony of unveiling the monument to Fyodor Sanaksarsky and Fyodor Ushakov became the major event of the Festival.


The sculpture of over three meters high was erected on the bank of the Volga River. The monument can be easily seen from the Church of the Holy Manifestation on the Island and from the navigable channel. The Rybinsk administration was the initiator of the monument.

“Why did Fyodor Ushakov become the great man? Where did his love for sea and aspiration for the Orthodoxy come from? The idea to erect the monument is based on the desire to show how and where the personality of the admiral-to-be was created. It is related to the wide turn of the Volga River and the spiritual guidance of his uncle – Fyodor Sanaksarsky.The uncle of Fyodor Ushakov was canonized. The admiral had rare communication with him but he spent his last years of life in Sanaksary where the uncle had been buried” – said Dmitry Rudakov, first deputy Head of the Rybinsk administration.

The idea was realized thanks to the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called which is focused on support for significant spiritual initiatives.


 “Fyodor Ushakov and Fyodor Sanaksarsky  are the spiritual magnets of the Rybinsk land. We are glad to see the response and understanding, readiness for cooperation among heads of the town, the district, the region and the eparchy. The Board of Trustees has been established to revive the places where Fyodor Ushakov was born. When we are together we can fulfill great and important tasks” – explained Vladimir Bushuyev, Director of the Foundation.


The regional administration are discussing the restoration of the Church of the Holy Manifestation on the Island and raising funds to  build  some objects on the territory around the Church.

A concert was held as part of the Ushakov Festival. Performance groups from Rybinsk and the Rybinsk region performed in the concert. During the celebrations the winners of the contest for mass media “Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, the Great Commander” were awarded.

In addition to the concert the Festival’s programme included  interactive projects, workshops for children and adults in smithcraft, a workshop in painting. Everybody could paint these picturesque places. Sportsmen from Rybinsk and the Rybinsk region had their performances. Hydroplanes presented their flights and water landings. Sailors were teaching the basics of marine affairs. The Festival included the trade show of applied art.  

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Press service of the Rybinsk administration

Photo: Sergey Metelitsa


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