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The Foundation will help unveil the monument to Russian soldiers in France

The Foundation will help unveil the monument to Russian soldiers in France

The monument’s design was presented by historian Pierre Malinowski during a press conference held at TASS Information Agency.

It is planned to erect the monument in the village of Aguilcourt 15 km away from Reims, on Mont Spin hill. It is the place where 101 years ago violent battles took place. The French Army got support from Russian warriors on the Western Front of the World War One.

Emperor Nicholas II sent 50,000 soldiers and officers to the French Republic after the February Revolution. Despite the revolution events the officers and soldiers made the decision to fight for the allies against the Germans.

Two thousand Russian people were killed in the battle when they gained control over the German army.

 — “I started this project five years ago. I wanted to tell my fellow citizens that Russian soldiers were killed on our land” – recollects the author of the idea Pierre Malinowski, French historian and activist, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

 — “During the World War One the American Army lost 110,000 people while the Russian Army had over a million casualties. And people should know about it” – thinks the historian.

According to historian Malinowski there are plenty of monuments in memory of the Unknown Soldier of the Great Patriotic War. However there is no monument of the kind to commemorate the heroes of the World War One though its contemporaries called it the Great War.

The French Government allocated 23,000 Euro for the memorial complex and architectural works. The Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called and Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, provided support for the project. On the Facebook page the historian expresses his gratitude to Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his support.

The monument is to be erected on April 19 to coincide with the anniversary of the battle, to commemorate the heroic act of Russian warriors who defended the land of other nation.


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