The international prize “Faith and Loyalty”

The books by Anna Nerkagi translated into English to be nominated for the Nobel Prize

The books by Anna Nerkagi translated into English to be nominated for the Nobel Prize

Nenets writer, winner of the “Faith and Loyalty” Prize awarded by the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called, had been nominated for the Nobel Literature Prize before. She had been one of the nominees but her books had not been translated into English which was mandatory for nominees.

Sergey Simakov, Director of the publishing office at the Tyumen State University, told TASS Information Agency about Anna Nerkagi being nominated again. Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency provided a grant for translation of significant Russian authors into foreign languages. The Tyumen State University held a scientific conference on the problems related to translation of works created by authors in the North of Western Siberia into foreign languages. Experts of the Tyumen University translated two novels of the writer into English, “Aniko from the Nogos” and “The silent man”.

“I believe there is a possibility to get the award in the nearest future as it is a unique author with the world that is universal and very understandable to anyone. The images of this world are understandable. Its Universe is remarkable.” – TASS quoted Mr.Simakov”.

ANNA PAVLOVNA NERKAGI, writer and founder of  “The Land of Hope” Children Camp for orphans, winner of “Faith and Loyalty” Prize in 2016. She was awarded for compassionate service for the sake of fellow human beings, for hard work focused on upbringing of adopted children and for her complete devotion to the Motherland and the people:

 — I am a Christ’s warrior . I understand it clearly. I am wearing a cross on my chest. I am also holding a cross in my hands. And my mouth utters the prayer “May the Lord resurrect” – says Anna Nerkagi.

Anna Nerkagi was born on February 15, 1952 in the mountains of Polar Urals at the bottom of Sayrey Ridge.

She was brought up at the boarding school which she finished with honours. Later she entered the geological surveyance faculty of the Tyumen Industrial Institute. She studied there till the second year when she caught tuberculosis.

Within two years in the city Anna Nerkagi became a well-known writer, author of autobiographical novel “Aniko from the Nogos[M1] ”, member of the Union of Writers. Anna came up with the decision to return to her native land after the death of her mother – she had to support her father.

When Anna came back to her relatives she changed her life completely and became a Nenets nomad. From the end of 1970s till the middle of 1990s the writer was keeping silence. Later two of her books were published: “Reindeer Moss” and “The Silent Man”.

Anna had no children of her own so she adopted a girl who she loved with all her heart and who she spoiled a lot. The girl died and Anna Pavlovna blamed herself.

For Anna Nerkagi the tragedy was hard to take. She decided to help children of her people grow surrounded by a traditional community. That is how “The Land of Hope” was created. Many children adopted by Anna Pavlovna are grown-ups already. They have families of their own but they have not left the community. They keep on supporting the native land. Children fulfill all the traditional duties where girls install chums (a place to live in) and cook while boys fish, build a fire and manage herds of deer.

The Church takes the main place in Anna’s settlement. Journalists coming to interview Anna Nerkagi called the brave woman “the Apostle of Tundra”.

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