Putin proposed an amendment about traditional family

Putin proposed an amendment about traditional family

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has proposed an amendment to the draft law regarding changes in the Constitution that include mentioning of God, according to Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the Lower Chamber, who informed journalists about it.

Previously, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill came up with the similar proposal. His idea gained support from the Muslim church.

Talia Khabriyeva and Andrey Klishas, co-chairpersons of the working team on changes to the Constitutional Law, informed that the amendment would be proposed.

On February 28, Khabriyeva shared the following proposed wording for the amendment: “The Russian Federation united by the history that goes back centuries, preserves the memory of its ancestors who have given us the ideals and belief in God”.

As for Klishas, he told journalists that the thesis about God would be presented in a dedicated article of the third chapter of the Constitution. He explained that was imperative to introduce the amendment, as Russia was the state where belief in God and the recognition of historical state unity had been the foundation for development of the state and a person for centuries.

The senator emphasizes that Russia is a secular state. Each of its citizens may choose which religion to exercise in present-day Russia or to exercise no religion at all.

According to Volodin, this amendment along with others proposed by President have been submitted to the relevant Duma Committee for Nation Building and Legislation.

Based on materials from “Rossiyskaya Gazeta


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