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Lev Spinadel

Lev Spinadel

Lev Spinadel

(1897 – 1970)

An anesthesiologist and founder of the present-day anesthesiology on the global scale.

Born in 1897. He finished an Odessa high school and entered the Novorossiysk Institute (1916). But he had to interrupt the learning due to the war. Lev took part in the White movement. In 1921 he immigrated to Czechoslovakia.

In Czechoslovakia he graduated from the medical faculty of Charles University and later worked in Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. When WWII began he fled to France and later to the United Kingdom. He returned to Czechoslovakia in 1946.

Thanks to Spinadel, anesthesiology was finally considered a separate discipline.

He was persistent with the idea to open the Czechoslovakia’s first anesthesiology department at the Central Military Hospital in Prague where he worked as its head. Also, he persuaded clinical surgeons that general anesthesia was more effective for appendectomy. He induced anesthesia for bronchographies and urologic surgeries; he worked in the field of children neuroanesthesia; he worked hard to introduce positions of anesthesiologists in all military hospitals and to train heads of anesthesiology intensive care units. Spinadel was an eminent scholar: he wrote scientific works on surgery and anesthesiology; he created “The Clinical Anesthesiology”, the textbook which became very popular.


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