The educational project “Personalities of the Russian Community Abroad. 1920-1945”

Ivan Manukhin

Ivan Manukhin

Ivan Manukhin


He was a doctor, who developed new methods to treat pulmonary tuberculosis and lung inflammation.

He finished the Tsarskoye Selo Gymnasium (in 1900) and the Military Medical Academy (in 1906). In 1911 Manukhin defended his thesis. Then he moved to Paris. He provided successful treatment for Maxim Gorky while living with Gorky’s family for over two months. Since 1914 he was in Russia.

Manukhin wrote many research works on immunology and infectious pathology. He developed new methods to treat pulmonary tuberculosis and lung inflammation. He applied x-rays for the treatments.

After the February revolution of 1917 Manukhin was appointed as a steering committee secretary for “Free Association for Development and Distribution of Positive Sciences”. In spring 1917 he became a doctor for Special Investigative Committee established by the Interim Government. That was the moment the Bolsheviks came to power.

Manukhin was an activist at Political Red Cross. Thanks to his involvement, many arrested officials were released.

In 1919 the doctor returned to his scientific research and worked at the epidemiology department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Petrograd. There he studied the causes for “Spanish influenza” and other dangerous infections. In spring 1920 Manukhin made his decision to go on a long-term business trip to France and got permission for it only in December 1921.   

In France he was a practitioner who specialized in “internal diseases and tuberculosis”. He treated Merezhkovsky (who was his neighbor in Petrograd).

From 1924 to 1948 Manukhin published a number of discussion papers in French scientific editions. They were focused on current issues of immunology, radiobiology and endocrinology.


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