The educational project on “The Civil War: Mirrors of the Epoch”

It is high time to unite one way or the other

It is high time to unite one way or the other

– I delivered a lecture for students and then rushed here. Moscow is full of traffic.

– I’ve got an idea to organize a project with the French but it is complicated… Politics is everywhere. We need to prove to everybody that we are not North Korea. That was the conversation I heard listening to eminent guests of the expert session of the educational project of the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called on “The Civil War. Mirrors of the Epoch”. The session was held at the “Arguments and Facts” Press Center.

Natalia Andrushchenko, Director of the Conferences Department and a political analyst of “Arguments and Facts”, and Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called, were moderating the discussion. The conversation was held at the historical hall of “Arguments and Facts” where the first reading of “The Mischief of Being Clever” by Griboyedov took place. Vladimir Yakunin made a joke about it during his welcome speech: “I hope there will be no trouble for being clever and we’d have an opposite outcome” he said.

Vladimir Yakunin told about the main goals of the educational project which are the preservation of the historical heritage and providing the youth with the knowledge. Within 5 weeks quotes of poets, writers, scientists, philosophers and painters were presented in social media, Facebook and Vkontakte, regarding the hard times of the nation-wide civil war. Each week ended in the voting where readers took active part. Readers chose Mikhail Bulgakov as the best “Mirror of the Epoch” with his quote “Madness of the previous two years made us choose the terrible path. And there is no stop for us, there is no break. We began to drink this cup of punishment and we will be drinking it to the dregs”. Nikolay Mogilevsky, Academic Advisor of the project, candidate of historical sciences and associate professor at MGIMO, told about it. Along with the virtual element, the project included the on-site presentation of the historical event. As a result, MGIMO hosted a students’ game and the winning teams from Moscow Region State University and MGIMO were invited to perform at the expert session. Mikhail Myagkov, Academic Director of the Russian Military Historical Society, appealed to the people not to forget the horrible troubled years of the Civil War.


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