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“I am home - it’s just a couple of words”

“I am home - it’s just a couple of words”

The pre-premiere screening of “Home on the Outside” was held in “Tochka Kipeniya” co-working of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for benefactors from Israel, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Ryazan, Gorlovka and other towns as part of the inter-faith practical seminar. 

At the screening Film Director Maxim Yakubson presented the first part of the story about people who live in a psychoneurological institution which is established for people with multiple health problems. Thanks to Maria Ostrovskaya and “Perspectives” Foundation these people got a chance to move to a rented house in a village and to start living on their own. The permanent dwelling house was being built at the moment of film shooting. Currently the construction works are almost completed. 

According to experts’ opinion, the institution in the Yakubson’s film is one of the best in Russia. But for a new person it appeared to be a real challenge to see how people live without their relatives, without their own private space and without everything we got used to in our daily lives. It was hard not to burst in tears during the first ten minutes. But the film is not focused on life inside the institution. The main part of filming took place in the house where some adult former orphans agreed to move to. Since the moment when Maria Ostrovskaya got into the car and took Dina, a girl in a wheel-chair, to Razdolye settlement, one doesn’t want to cry anymore:  the plot seems to be promising.

The film shows the difference between people who live in a hospital-like institution and those living at home-like conditions.

After the film’s presentation the guests were sharing their impressions. The viewers were greatly impressed by the changes that happened to the disabled, to the people who seemed to suffer from very serious health conditions (the way they looked in the institution). The film shows how Sergey who lives in Razdolye is very proud to show a chest of draws he made with his own hands, how Dina is trying to get on her bed and how she smiles happily when she succeeds. 


After the film screening another novelty was presented. Anybody could try the role of a person with reduced capabilities, thanks to the smartphone application developed by Krembo Wings Israeli Foundation. The Israeli colleagues presented virtual reality glasses to the participants. They were sorry that English variant could be used only for three types of disabilities while applications in Hebrew and Arabic could offer one of five options.

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