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Helpers are welcome to take part in the Solovki expedition

Helpers are welcome to take part in the Solovki expedition

The Foundation of Saint Andrew the First-Called would like to invite men over 18 to take part in the working expedition to Anzer Island of Solovetsky Archipelago.

The expedition dates are June 11-24, 2018.

The goal of the expedition is to take part in restoration and development of Saint Trinity Monastery. It was founded in XVII century by Saint Eleazar of Anzersk Island, the Russian hermit.

Anzer Island is situated at the northern part of Solovetsky Archipelago.  Since the end of XVI century hermit monks have been coming here looking for solitary life. Over the years two monasteries were established on the island: Saint Trinity Monastery and Golgotha Cross Monastery where monks had been living up to the Soviet time.  Since 1924 the IV department of the Solovetsky Special Camp was situated on Anzer Island.

A trip to Anzer Island is not just tourism. Life and labour in this place of stunning beauty, filled with prayers and pain, can have a profound impact on a person.

Anyone willing to take part in the trip can send a request to Pavel Fedosov, the head of the expedition, to

A decision regarding one’s participation in the expedition is made upon an interview. Participants of the expedition should not have any contraindications related to physical labour. 


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