Sanctity of Motherhood

Over 40,000 babies were born thanks to «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme

Over 40,000 babies were born thanks to «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme

On November25, 2016 V Forum of the All-Russian Programme «Sanctity of Motherhood» was held in Saint-Petersburg. The Forum was called «Well-being of Family — the important indicator of mature civil society in Russia». The Forum was held in the form of round-table talks and two plenary sessions held by Natalia V. Yakunina, member of Presidential Coordinating Council of the RF on implementation of the National strategy for the benefit of children for the period 2012-2017, member of the Board of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called and the Centre of National Glory, member of the Board of Endowment Fund «ISTOKI», member of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russian Programme «Sanctity of Motherhood» that celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Representatives of 60 regions of Russia took part in the Forum as well people from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, China and other countries. At the Forum there were representatives of federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council and State Duma, representatives of over a hundred public organizations, medical specialists, journalists, actors of science and culture.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First-Called Vladimir Yakunin read off the welcome words by Vladimir Putin addressed to participants of the Forum. According to President of Russia it is symbolic that V Forum of «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme is held just before Mother’s Day as the Forum realizes the initiatives focused on support for motherhood and childhood. President of the country congratulated all mothers and mothers-to-be with the holiday.

The Head of «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme Natalia Yakunina expressed gratitude to Georgy S. Poltavchenko as without his support and personal involvement the current Forum couldn’t take place.

Over 40,000 babies were born with the help of «Sanctity of Motherhood» programme. One of the main achievements of the programme is cooperation with Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. «Three years in a row with support from the Federal Press and Mass Communication Agency we hold the competition called „Family and the Future of Russia“ which is organized for journalists specializing in the family topic. As a result every year there appear more materials of better quality related to family topic» said Natalia Yakunina. «Unique photo exhibition „We are Family!“ dedicated to large families of Russia was displayed in many towns of Russia. Over two million people including Saint-Petersburg citizens visited the exhibition. Last year it was displayed in Smolny as part of the Eurasian Women’s Forum and at the Baltic Railway Station.»

«Sanctity of Motherhood» programme was acknowledged outside of Russia via cooperation with the World Family Congress (the largest movement to protect the traditional family; it unites thousands of people of good will from 80 countries). «Based on our proposal a new holiday was introduced to the church calendar that is dedicated to the Day to commemorate the great couple of prince and princess — Dmitry Donskoy and Eudocia (Euphrosyne) of Moscow who had 12 children.» «For the first time the holiday was celebrated June 1st 2016» said Natalia Yakunina. «We stand out with the initiative to celebrate June 1st in the secular calendar as «Day of children and parents’ happiness».

Irina Akhundova

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