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“A woman in Iran stays at home wearing a purdah – it is not true”

“A woman in Iran stays at home wearing a purdah – it is not true”

The Ambassador of Iran to the RF Mehdi Sanaei stated: women of Russia and Iran are similar to a greater extent than one thinks.

“People in Russia often think that women in Iran wear a purdah and stay at home, but it is not the case” - he said at the first joint meeting on family, motherhood and childhood on “The role of a woman in the family and socio-cultural spheres: best practice of Russia and Iran”.  “While I live in Russia I can see that the role of a woman in Russia and Iran is very much alike. The basic thing for women in both countries is family. At the same time, it is the case for both Iran and Russia that women don’t give up their active involvement in the society and career path; moreover, they take high positions  and have a very active life along with men” – stated Mehdi Sanaei.
He said women were actually involved in all the spheres of political, public and cultural life. According to the Ambassador of Iran, the experience of the two countries is unique as women in Russia and Iran are capable to combine the role of the guardian of the hearth and the role of a full-fledged member of the society. 

Olga Yepifanova, Deputy Chairperson of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, expressed hope that exchange of best practices with representatives of Iran could help resolve some complicated issues the modern society is facing today. According to her, the priority tasks of the state are to support the institution of the family and to provide help for low-income and young families.
Olga Yepifanova said that recent research results show that social expectations are met in general. During the session she shared the details of the main areas of the state policy in the field of family, motherhood and childhood support.        

Natalia Yakunina, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the all-Russian programme “Sanctity of Motherhood”, told that “Sanctity of Motherhood” programme was interested in extending its interaction with representatives from different countries and in best practice exchange. According to her, it is hard for women in the modern world to have a career and to care for a family. That is why any support is so important for them. Natalia Yakunina shared the main areas of activity of the all-Russian programme “Sanctity of Motherhood”. She told about effective collaboration of the state, public organizations and representatives of traditional religions in terms of family, motherhood and childhood support.


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