A number of abortions keeps reducing in Russia

A number of abortions keeps reducing in Russia

In 2016 the amount of abortions reduced by 56,000.Veronica Skvortsova, Minister of Healthcare, announced the official numbers.  Head of Healthcare Ministry of the RF informed that within 5 years the amount of abortions in state-owned hospitals reduced by 250,000 operations. Veronica Skvortsova emphasized that the number of abortions is still very high.


According to the  Minister, centres of pre-abortion counseling do not work efficiently. Within three years 1,500 similar centres were opened in Russia. Veronica Skvortsova believes that specialists in the centres don’t take their responsibilities seriously and do not make efforts to persuade a pregnant woman not to have an abortion.


According to the Healthcare Ministry data, almost 450,000 abortions were made without medical reasons in 2015 in Russia; in 2011 – over 730,000 operations. Within the last 4 years the number of abortions decreased twice.

Earlier Veronica Skvortsova declared that with reference to decreasing the amount of abortion the Healthcare Ministry plans to continue the same policy.  

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