A cross was put on top the Russian Church in Strasburg on Sunday

A cross was put on top the Russian Church in Strasburg on Sunday

A golden cross was put on top the church of the Russian Orthodox Church in Strasburg.


A cross three meters high was deliberately brought from Russia for the church’s dome. The cross was set at the height of 40 meters on Sunday.  Russian members of the church, interested local people and guests of honour came to see the event. Bishop Antonius of Bogorodsk, Head of the Moscow eparchy on foreign institutions, was in charge of the ceremony. During the service he said that the Cross of Christ symbolizes the eternal life and great hope, RIA News reported. He reminded to the gathered people that the European civilization is based on Christian values.  

Prior to setting the Cross the Divine liturgy was conducted at the Russian spiritual and cultural centre. Tourists from Russia, Germany and other countries came to see the  remarkable event.

The cross was blessed by Bishop Antonius. Then two cranes lifted it into the skies above Strasburg. The cross became a beautiful element of the church’s dome while the viewers were applauding.

The festivities were finalized with a concert of Church Hymns conducted by the male choir consisting of men who finished theological schools of the Russian Orthodox Church.  


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