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128 Friends of Russia in the Serbian Parliament

128 Friends of Russia in the Serbian Parliament

Members of the Saint Andrew the First-Called delegation headed by Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Director Vladimir Bushuyev  visited Narodna Skupština (the Parliament) of Serbia. During a meeting with Vice President of Parliament Vladimir Marinkovic they discussed the prospects for strengthening the Russian-Serbian relations.

In his welcome speech Vladimir Marinkovic thanked Russia for its constant support for Serbia in international organizations when the Kosovo issue is concerned. He emphasized the boosting parliamentary collaboration. “In our parliament we have created the deputies club to comprise friends of Russia. There are 128 of us, so we have the majority in the Skupština with its 250 seats” – joked Marinkovic.
Deputy Speaker pointed out the exceptional role of economic relations with Russia. “We can count on you as a reliable partner in terms of gas supply. Russian gas is of key and vital significance for our economy”  - said Marinkovic. The deputy paid particular attention to Serbia’s refusal to impose sanctions on the Russian Federation. He also expressed hope that “EU will understand futility and harm of the economic restrains and will eventually cancel them”.
As for Vladimir Yakunin, he emphasized the importance of education and best practices transfer for any state. “If the youth are deprived of the history the state will have no future” – he pointed out. He also added that the modern world tends to see the development level of a state according to primitive calculations of the state’s GDP. While they do not take into consideration the scope of the state’s emissions, how seriously the state contaminates the environment, what the state can offer to humanity in terms of culture and spiritual-moral aspects. According to Vladimir Yakunin, the indication of the state’s success should be based on the happiness of its citizens. And in this respect, Russia and Serbia are populated with happy people. 

Pavel Bushuyev. TASS


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