Sanctity of Motherhood

V Forum «Sanctity of Motherhood» concluded its work in Saint-Petersburg

V Forum «Sanctity of Motherhood» concluded its work in Saint-Petersburg

For two days scientists, medical specialists, psychologists, sociologists, demographic analysts, representatives of religious confessions, social activists were discussing problems of the modern family and childhood, were looking for ways to return to family with traditional values, were sharing their experience. There was active exchange of opinions and discussions at the Forum’s platforms where sometimes opposite points of view clashed, and emotional speeches of representatives from public organizations came across pragmatic explanations from scientists. However, no matter what kind of points of view the Forum’s participants supported they all shared the same desire to make the Russian family secured — that was the motto of the Forum.

As moderators of round-table talks noted at the final plenary session, during discussions and when experiences were shared there appeared new ideas and new information which proved that activity related to support for family and childhood has many supporters. For instance, though introduction of «Family Studies» into the school curriculum received rather reserved feedback at first, some time later number of positive responses tripled which was surprising even for the initiators of the programme. And everybody speaks about it: parents, children, teachers.

Many people mentioned the need for better interdepartmental interaction. Which, for instance, proved to be successful in Saint-Petersburg regarding the work with pregnant women who appeared to be in a difficult life situation, work against abortions. In order to solve these tasks the state institutions, public organizations and church combined their efforts. There is similar experience in other regions of the country.

Preserving the reproductive potential is of great importance. And professional work with teenagers is necessary here for their unconsidered actions in the youth not to cause infertility.

At the Forum they were discussing not only the topic of future mothers but future fathers as well. The platform where men gathered appeared to be interesting and explicit. Action «To Be a Father», which is organized in mass media and where famous people share their experience of fatherhood, has become so popular that a decision was made to publish a book with the same title.

But most importantly, according to social research, despite any issues, the Russian nation keeps being morally healthy and sticking to the traditional family values. This fact was indicated in the final document of the Forum.

«Participants of the Forum, while supporting the consistent government policy in the field of formation and implementation of family policy», admit the necessity for further qualitative development of measures to support family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood in Russia" — is noted in the document. «In order to solve the task it is of primary importance to perfect the social-governmental model of cooperation and to enhance the role of institutions of civil society including family-oriented public groups, non-commercial organizations, active citizens, social entrepreneurs in the implementation process of family policy. It seems advisable to secure complete public involvement not only in the implementation of provisions of the Concept but also in the assessment of efficiency of implementation of family policy in region of the RF and formation of proposals on further and consistent development».

For this purpose the participants of the Forum came up with the initiative to develop and introduce the main indicators that would allow to assess the efficiency measures on support for family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, that are implemented on the level of the state, public, commercial and non-commercial sectors. It’s particularly the matter of principle of social partnership for subjects of family policy in a region that would be included in regulatory documents, and the matter of how well pro-family public groups are represented at public and governmental interactive structures, availability of programmes of state funding for civil initiatives, volunteer movement in the field of family policy, volunteer projects in the field of protection of family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood, family education for the youth and many other indicators.


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