Partnership opportunities

We also invite our partners to contribute to our projects by sending your donation to Endowment Fund "ISTOKI".

Specialized Endowment Fund "Fund to support historical and cultural research "Istoki" was registered on 5 March 2013 according to the Federal Law dated 30th December 2006 # 275-FZ "About the order of forming and using endowment of non-commercial organizations".

Advantages for contribution to the Endowment Fund:

  • Constant and long-term financing of the programmes. The contribution to the endowment secures the constant and long-term development of the programmes of the Foundation and the long-term partnership without the consideration of benefactors’ financial possibilities in the future.
  • Targeted use of finances. Return on investment of the donated sums is applied for the programmes supporting the "ISTOKI" Fund completely in accordance to the desires of the benefactor which are indicated in the donation agreement.
  • Financial transparency. The Board of the Fund and Independent Board of Trustees are the controlling bodies. Large benefactors can become members of the Board of Trustees. The Fund prepares annual statement report on the use of finances for benefactors. The information of the Fund’s activity will be presented on the Fund’s website.
  • Different forms of contribution. A benefactor can contribute money, fixed assets and securities as a donation to replenish the Fund’s endowment.
  • Tax benefits for a benefactor. For personal income tax there is a social tax deduction in amount of the donated sum contributed to the Endowment Fund (within 25% of the taxed income).
  • Individual approach. The Management of the Fund takes into consideration desires of every single benefactor regarding the form and kind of contribution.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities and to sign a donation agreement please contact Executive Director of the Endowment Fund "ISTOKI".

Ekaterina A. Gerus

Ekaterina A. Gerus

Executive Director of the Endowment Fund "ISTOKI"

Tel: +7 495 955-92-52